Taylor and ed dating

Ever since we can remember, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran have been BFFs.

And because they're so friggin' adorbs together, we can't stop shipping them, no matter how many times they insist they're just friends.

I think Ed and Taylor know how much of our jollies we get from speculating about their relationship, and now they're just teasing us with it. It was called ‘Everything Has Changed', which is basically the most obvious reference “Cause all I know is we said, ‘hello' And your eyes look like coming home All I know is a simple name Everything has changed All I know is you held the door And you'll be mine and I'll be yours All I know since yesterday is everything has changed” C'MON. So what are we supposed to think about the fact that these two spent pretty much all of 2013 together while Ed opened for Taylor's Red Tour?

Otherwise, how do you explain all these times when they clearly wanted us to think they were dating??

Taylor and Ed immediately shut down any talk of romance, and have denied ever dating approximately four hundred times since, but it's always kind of half-hearted. Have you ever made jam for someone that you weren't currently in a relationship with? If you think I can't read between those lines, YOU CRAZY.

After all, the rumors that he's dating Taylor are actually pretty beneficial to Ed's career, right? What about jam with a Kanye West joke on the label? They're gonna be grandparents together, and their music video grandbabies will live foreverrrrr. When Ed was on a first name basis with Taylor's cat. (via) I mean come on…he says it's not about her, but he also says it's about a famous person with whom he shared a night in a hotel. Do you think it's coincidence that every time Taylor gives Ed a present, that he Instagrams it?

(via) Ed Sheeran‘s second studio album, ‘x' drops today, so it seems like he's kind of here to stay in the music world.

Which is weird because it seems like just yesterday, I was being introduced to him in the context of ‘here is this red-headed guy that Taylor Swift is probably dating'. In the video for ‘Everything Has Changed', the little kid versions of each of them like…fall in love on the school bus.

’ and each year they’ve said 'no' and finally they said, ‘Yes.'”Ed is known to be incredibly open in interviews and his MMVAs appearance comes after he recently said that ginger guys were getting more sex in England because of him.

And while tunes like Sheeran's "Lego House" have tended toward the sentimental, his latest album, X (pronounced "multiply"), finds the redheaded Brit maturing into an ax-wielding writer of confessional dance pop.

In the track "Don't," which recounts a girlfriend cheating on him with one of his mates ("I never saw him as a threat/ Till you disappeared with him to have sex"), the perps are rumored to be Ellie Goulding and One Direction's Niall Horan—but Sheeran is too much of a gentleman to comment (see below).

Ed confirmed (again) that the two have never been involved, and when asked why they've never dated, he replied, "I met her professionally first, we were writing songs.

I don't know, I get along really well with her." But that's not the only reason. "Too tall," he replied when asked if his gorgeous bestie was his cup of tea.

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