Furry fandom dating

In a post on Dogpatch Press, an online news site for furries, one person writing under the moniker Patch O’Furr said the killings posed an unprecedented strain.

Days after her son was shot and killed by El Cajon police, Pamela Benge told reporters Thursday that she was praying for the deaths of unarmed black men to come to an end.

I've been a furry since I was around 17 and discovered The Polar Den, one of the very first furry websites back when there were a total of about 30 websites and you could browse the entire web in a couple of hours.

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In fact, the furry art industry has become quite big in recent years.The killing of three people at an Orange County home last weekend has stunned the tight-knit furry community.Both the suspects and the victims in the Fullerton slaying had ties to the subculture, which unites people through an affection for animals with human-like qualities.The bay area was ground zero for this explosion of fur.One trait of furry fans that sets them apart from say, Star Trek fans or Harry Potter fans is that furries are not fans of just commercially generated art and media franchise. You can say that furry fans are fans of themselves.

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