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) you'll fall in love with a guy can we sorta take it slow i don't know if you could know but i'm really kinda new at this well that was quick let me light some cigarettes you know this stuff really does taste thick wait you don't want to spoon or anything you don't want to pretend you're not tired or anything if i'm gone in the morning will it sting sorry stupid question i'll miss you too i'm thinking i told my ex girlfriend about my new plan she said it sounded hot she'd like to see my with another man oh baby i wish that i'd knew because guess what this change is true me and my boyfriend going to our old neighborhood bar going to get ourselves a booth next to you (i'm going to eat your french fries) my friends said go bi, go on and give it a try what's the worst that can happen (oh my!

All women have specific health risks, and can take steps to improve their health through regular medical care and healthy living.

At first, I thought there were dozens of these books.

When I couldn’t find many, I started a book blog with the “humble” goal of reading “everything lesbian.” Six years later, that idea is laughable.

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But you know how I really figured out my sexuality? Sometimes, the only way to figure out if you like something is to just try it out. I didn't know how I felt about oysters until I popped a salty, lush oyster in my mouth. And you want to find a girl to ~sexually experiment~ with in random bar? Maybe it works that way in lesbian pornos, but real life isn't a lesbian porno (sadly).

Are you feeling a little, uh, “bi-curious” and don't know what to do about it? I'm here, I'm queer and I'm ready to give bi-curious advice to any girl in need.

And really, who hasn't been hungry for bi-curious advice at some point in their lives?

When I was just a babygay, I passionately identified as both queer and bookish, but I had not yet considered the intersection between the two.

It was one conversation with my mom that set me on a lifelong path of queer women reading, it went like this: That back-and-forth opened the door to a whole world of stories in which women could love women.

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