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Distributors have until December 1, 2015 to comply with the shipping requirements for GHS-compliant labels.

MSDS Authoring Services is able to make SDS/MSDS revisions, SDS/MSDS updates, SDS/MSDS name changes, and other types of SDS/MSDS updating according to current SDS standards.

The exception is where we produced the original safety data sheet, in which case please see below for further information.

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) of the United States Department of Labor has mandated that all Material Safety Data Sheets be updated to comply under the Globally Harmonized System (GHS).​Comply with all requirements of the GHS rule, including classify chemical hazards and prepare new labels and SDSs.

You should expect GHS adoption to be a multi-year endeavor requiring sustained attention.

Today, as hazard communication takes on heightened importance, you need to verify that your library contains the most current MSDSs.

One must also remember that within a relatively short time-span - to be precise, by the middle of 2015 - a large part of the world's products will be needing new hazard symbols, when the CLP hazard labelling system comes into force.229.00 for each one.

The services listed below are the result of years of experience working with safety professionals.

Send us periodic updates to your inventory and we’ll make sure your online e Binder* is reviewed and updated.

You determine the schedule (monthly, quarterly or annually) and we’ll do the rest for you – post new or updated MSDSs, archive older versions, organize your library ... MSDSonline can work with you throughout the transition to ensure your move to GHS is a smooth one, that your library is properly maintained, and that older documents are smoothly transitioned out of active use and properly archived per your needs.

Contact us to learn more about how SDS Binder Works can help your company simplify the SDS management process while saving time and money.

No matter what the nature of your business, chances are good that you work with potentially hazardous chemicals.

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