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I’ve never been totally sold on the concept of Father’s Day.

For one thing, it was officially declared a national holiday by Richard Nixon, so it might not even be legal.

) was Eliot “Client 9” Spitzer, who ran for city comptroller under the slogan: “If you can’t trust a proven sleazebag with your municipal finances, who CAN you trust?

” And then — not to leave out the ladies — there was Miley Cyrus.

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Author and longtime Miami Herald columnist Dave Barry shares tips for handling teenage hormones, the best way to pick up your kid from school, and what dad really wants for Father’s Day.

There, Trump told the standing-room-only crowd that "Fidel Castro actually has done some good things." No, I'm kidding again. This courageous stance was a big hit with the crowd. ) Trump said he has not yet decided whether he will run, but he did acknowledge that he has started actually shaking hands with people, which he does not normally do. "It's not something I'm in love with, but I do it." At one point, a reporter asked Supermodel Girlfriend Melania Knauss how she felt about the Trump exploratory campaign. "I am supporting him in everything what he decide to do." I have to agree with her on this.

Supermodel Girlfriend Melania Knauss did not say anything at this stop; her primary function in the campaign appears to be to stand around looking Babe-O-Licious, thus communicating the reassuring message to voters: "If This Woman Were First Lady, Monica Lewinsky Could Walk Into The Oval Office Stark Naked Without Arousing The President's, Um, Interest." Next, everybody motorcaded over to the Radisson Mart Plaza Hotel for a press conference, where Trump, speaking frankly, revealed that "I've done very well at everything I've ever done." He said that he has taken a look at the other candidates, specifically Al Gore and George W. "Let me ask you, " he said, in a quote that I am not making up. My feeling, as a citizen, is that if this hugely successful man is willing to make room in his busy schedule to leave the safety of his jet and allow himself to come into physical contact with germ-infested voters, then the LEAST we can do is elect him president.

Potential presidential timber Donald Trump, who, by his own admission, is "the very definition of the American success story, " came to Miami Monday on an exploratory mission to find out whether he is hugely popular or what.

He arrived at Miami International Airport (motto: "You Expect To Get Your Luggage BACK? in a private 727 jet, which was easy to spot because of the big gleaming gold letters on the side, spelling out the name "RYDER." No, seriously, they spelled "TRUMP, " the name that appears on all of Trump's casinos, hotels, condos, ex-wives, etc.

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