Relationships and dating on facebook

Pictures, statuses and videos can be deemed professionally and socially questionable. More couples choose not to be as public about their relationship statuses as they used to be.

Instead of making their relationships “Facebook official,” they may choose an alternative route, like having a profile or cover photo with their significant others, a birthday post on Instagram, or a subtle, “Thank you so much for sending a dozen red roses to my office, you're the bomb! These are smaller gestures that communicate to the world they are together, but in less bold and brazen ways as a relationship status. There seems to be a general consensus that giving your relationship status publicity has no bearing on how serious the union is.

Below is a list of dating services that offer Facebook Applications that integrate into a Facebook account, allowing their members to interact with other Facebook users.

Many singles already use Facebook to connect with friends and family, share links and photos, and keep up with groups and interests.

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Facebook will sooner tell me if there's a snow day before I even get a moment to check my school email. have progressed, people are more selective about what they choose to post.

Can't a relationship just be about the two people in it, without all the riffraff of the past?

And ever notice how it's always the guys who are like "Facebook = Drama" who are the biggest transgressors?

According to a Buzzfeed poll, “40 percent of 20-somethings refuse to put their relationship status on Facebook.” The data concluded that most people thought relationship statuses were “cheesy.”A good number of people also stated they didn't want people to know — and by people, they meant crazy exes, nosy family members, etc.

Only 3 percent of people admitted they would not make their relationships “Facebook official” because they were “up to something shady.” Let's face it: If that's the reason, the relationship won't last very long anyway.

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