Is dooce dating cami

That being said, I will not be posting every day again for a loooong time. You have to actually a life in order to blog about it.

Now back to our public surveillance, our attention turned to one girl in particular who, as I was taught, was a horrible example of the boot to jean fashion.

It didn't take long before our observations reverted to what people were wearing.

Annie taught me a lot about fashion, specifically the art of wearing boots over your jeans.

I'm just going to type without editing, and post this before I start thinking about it too much. At least not until I can come up with something other than inviting people to come over and hit me in the head with a brick. Honey, it sounds like every last one of us wants to buy you a drink, so I propose that Doxie 2.0 starts with a wine-tasting roadtrip to visit all of your fans. " I was afraid that something had happened to your father and, while the end of you and Dukay is the end of your little family and heartbreaking I am glad that your Dad is ok. Glad to hear you're doing so well now, even if it sucked getting there. Not that we meant to saddle you with that responsibility, but dude, you have some rabid fans out there. We all love you and GREATNESS and GOODNESS are waiting for your...uhmmm somewhere :-) XOXOXO I'm so glad you're back. I am absolutely going on your journey with you and can't wait to see where it takes you! I hope that the response you get from the people here makes you feel loved and wanted, and not in an icky way. Don't ever worry about letting "us" down..have to take care of "YOU" first!! And I'm sorry about your breakup with Dukay (been there and done that, in my case it was four years), but to echo what others have said, please don't consider it a failure... He lives on this planet, is not, you've led us to believe, inflicted with any mind-disabling issues. In fact, just checked against your spelling and damn good thing I did.

So, I've made the decision, all of...oh, approximately six minutes ago, apparently, to just come out and tell everyone what's been going on. But, to hear that someone at least somewhat similar to myself has gone through this and has come through the other side of it makes me think that maybe there actually IS another side of this. I haven't mentioned any of this on my site yet, and probably won't for awhile. I totally agree with Boulder - "Some lucky dude will owe Dukay a serious debt when he meets you." Mad Cat owes the current me to the 8 years I spent with Deafboy, and all three of us couldn't be happier with where we are in our lives now. YOU are the reason we all keep coming here, and you're the reason we're all so thrilled to see you again. Oh Leigh-- as we waited for your return I started reading other blogs and when one of them talked about you I wondered, "What happened to Miss Doxie? Welcome back and let the water flows where it wants..will be FINE in the end. You are an outstanding person, and I'm so glad you're happy and joyous after the dark days. :) So glad you're back, and I'm excited to hear about the new adventures - thank you for coming back! Thought you fell off the face of the earth..that Bo had finally exacted some sort of revenge. However, I am very happy you have returned to the interwebs. Life certainly has a way of sucking sometimes, but I have faith that you'll pull through. You loved someone and gave your whole self to him and, fabulous best friendy-ness aside (and you will get over THAT) you trusted him.

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