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Just wanted to post a friendly warning to the regular readers and posters..neighbors.... I received a phone call from my credit union this morning advising me that a questionable charge had been posted to my account using my debit card.It seems that someone charged 6 dollars at a Safeway grocery store in Boulder! The credit union rep immediately canceled my debit card over the phone and told me it was no longer useable.Individuals can also get details on programs to help them pay the rent or deposit on their new apartment or home. An alternative may be the section 8 housing choice voucher program, which can often help the very low income or recently homeless.The demand for any type of transitional housing assistance is very high, both in Denver and nationwide.

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Since they were vigilant, they caught the suspicious charge immediately, but chances are, the amount charged will be deducted from my account anyway, then I file a dispute and they refund the amount. I did a simple Google search and came across several articles noting a rash of debit card skimming in Colorado Springs since this past August. Of course, this could happen anywhere, but it's been particularly bad here in COS over the past couple of months!

In these scenarios, small card swipe devices (fake) are sometimes placed directly on top of the regular card reader at gas pumps, so when you swipe your card, you've just given a criminal your card number and pin.

Several non-profits and other organizations can help the homeless, people facing imminent eviction, and those looking for stability with their housing situation.

Not only can the resources provide individuals a place to stay over the short term (normally a shelter), but case managers from the centers can help clients find a new, low income and affordable home in Denver.

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