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Eastern Europe is flush with countries like the Czech Republic and the Baltic nations that are also bursting at the seams with sweet breathtaking girls.

In the interest of brevity, I decided to compare only the three countries that in terms of both landmass and population are the biggest, although I did visit every country marked red on the map.

Munira’s story reveals high levels of planning involved in the largest mass kidnap of people by a terror group recorded in modern times.

Though savagely beaten in the initial stages of captivity, she was not raped immediately – as several other former captives I have spoken to describe.

Munira explains to me matter-of-factly that the younger girls are more expensive or saved for the Emirs.

I met women online, through dating apps, in malls, the streets, beaches, swimming pools, traffic lights and nightclubs.The hearing is the first attempt by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia to treat rape and sexual enslavement as a crime against humanity and a weapon of ethnic cleansing."This is a case about the women and girls - some as young as 12 or 15 - who endured unimaginable horrors as their worlds collapsed around them," said the prosecutor, Dirk Ryneveld.Scores of women at Foca in south-east Bosnia were "brutalised and dehumanised" by their captors in an organised sexual rampage, he said.She spent three weeks in Badosh prison, northwest of Mosul, one of several Isis had secured in the run up to their takeover, along with another 100 women, and then taken into Mosul to the Isis “headquarters”, where she was kept with more than 700 girls.It was from here she was sold to a senior fighter called Abu Mohammed, along with her sister and her friend Sana, also aged 15 at the time. He forced my sister – she was only 13 – to do the same.

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