Dating hebdomas pocket watch

Read more Elgin pocket watches were an icon of American pocket watch production in the 20th century and reflect the massive progress of the age with durable yet elegant designs.

I am restoring very few watches at the moment due to other commitments (although still buying stock and shipping), I will restart in late August or September - although I am finding very few high end watches to put in the work queue.This particular Hebdomas Multi colored dial, 8 day 8-jewel Pocket Watch is in exceptional condition for an estimate 100 year old pocket watch, with little noticeable marks, knocks or wear to hinges, the workmanship and display is a rare feature and should not disappoint.The new collector to this Hebdomas 8 Jours will be proud knowing this watch will appreciate in value and is well sort. The cover is decorated with medals and signatures about the prestigious exhibitions where this admirable watch won. The beautiful unusual dial with an opening at the bottom of the dial has an exposed engraved bridge with balance and regulator that makes it possible to expose the balance wheel and pallet-fork.Their goal was to create watches that were durable, affordable, and aesthetically satisfying.After recruiting employees from a Massachusetts competitor, the Waltham Watch Company, the gentlemen established a 35-acre space in rural Elgin, Illinois, as the location for their headquarters.

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